Euskadi, it’s all in the palate

A diverse country’s riches

Euskadi boasts a balanced diversity: rich in quality raw-materials, at the top of the world cuisine thanks to its well-known cooks, and unique in regards to wine-growing characteristics.

And from its ancient knowledge of working the land, the sea, and the fire; from a privileged and varied natural scenery; and the uniqueness of its customs grow the most esteemed ingredients to delight the world with. This is how a small piece of land has the ability to offer great experiences.
Basque cuisine

Flavours, environments and cultures

It’s chilly up north

The Cantabrian coast, in the north of Euskadi, is characterized by the production of cider and txakoli, slightly acidic and fresh beverages. Historically significant, and culturally linked to the image of the farmstead, these typically Basque beverages originate in vineyards and apple orchards located in stunning landscapes that join sea and mountain.

The social feature of both beverages is reflected in the way they are consumed, which is centered around the ‘sagardotegi’ (cider house) and the ‘txakolindegi’ (txakolí winery). Thousands of people gather yearly in these places, creating a great festive atmosphere.

La frescura del norte

The enviable southern soil

The Rioja Alavesa, in the south of Euskadi, features the ideal geological and climatological conditions for cultivating vine, which contributes to the production of a wine of superb quality that is highly regarded worldwide. This art, proud of its antiquity, gracefully sits between its most traditional virtues and cutting-edge technology.

The never-ending wheat and barley fields that can equally be found in southern Álava are devoted to the production of craft beers all along the Basque territory.

Vinos del sur

The pleasure of sharing

Discover the Basque wineries: from the most traditional and ancient cider houses to the most modern wineries. Everything close at hand and packed full of its original essence.

Locally made for the world