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Basque Wine Drinks

BASQUE WINE is a promotional trademark for the various wines, ciders and craft beers produced in the Basque Country that is promoted by the Basque government in the lookout for new commercialization mediums.

When the Basque use their language, Euskera, all alcoholic drinks share the root ARDOA("vino" in Spanish, "wine" in English and "vine" in French). Thus, "sagARDOA" ("sidra" in Spanish, "cider" in English and "cidre" in French) would be apple wine and "garagARDOA" ("cerveza" in Spanish, "beer" in English and "bière" in French) barley wine. Since all these beverages have the same root for the Basque, the trademark BASQUE WINE encompasses all of them.

This trademark takes in those drinks that belong to the various designations of origin and other collective trademarks.

DOF Rioja wines

Here belong those wines that have been produced, aged and bottled in the Basque Country and have used a minimum of 85% of locally grown grape in the process. All this needs to be showed on the label together with the tags ‘Vino de Zona’, ‘Vino de Municipio’ or ‘Viñedo Singular’.


The collective trademark for craft beer is “Basque Beer”.


Wines of this kind may belong to the designation of origin “Txakolí de Álava-Arabako Txakolina”, “Bizkaiko Txakolina-Txakolí de Bizkaia”, “Txakolí de Getaria-Getariko Txakolina”.


Cider belongs to the “Euskal Sagardoa-Sidra Natural del País Vasco” designation of origin.