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Rioja Alavesa Wine


Unique bioclimatic conditions, a rich culture and medieval architecture, an array of both historical and up-to-date wineries, and a thousand-year-old know-how combine to grant the wine from Rioja Alavesa worldwide reputation.

Data 2021

119 wineries
13.090 hectares of vineyards
28.000.000 liters per year
73.500.000 kilos of grapes

Privileged conditions
for a world-class wine


In the south of Euskadi, Rioja Alavesa composes an idyllic landscape full of vineyards. The vine grown in this area is perfectly adapted to the land and climate of these more-than-310km2 of red-stained soil, which, divided into 18 municipalities, offer the most adequate conditions for this type of cultivation.


This is an area of transition for Atlantic and Mediterranean climatological influences, that is, a place between the humid north and the arid south, whose effects are lessened by some of the area’s orographic elements, such as the Toloño range. This makes sure that the vineyards get the right amount of sun and water.


The vineyards grow on clayey, chalky soil on the sides of the Toloño range, forming terraces and little plots looking south in order to make the most of summer light.

Vine varieties

Only those vines that are adapted best to the area’s bioclimatic conditions and authorized by the Designation of Origin of Rioja are used to make the wine from Rioja Alavesa.