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‘Idiazabal’ cheese

It is produced in 150 Basque farms following a millenary tradition.

It is easily one of the most coveted Basque products, elaborated artisanally in 150 farms across the Basque Country following an ancestral tradition. It is that old because shepherding has been practiced in this land for over 8,000 years. The herds are raised in the highlands except for in the winter, when they are taken down to the valleys.

The raw milk of native ‘Latxa’ or ‘Carranzana’ sheep is used in its elaboration. What is more, usually each producer will use the milk of their own sheep. Each cheese can weigh anything between one and three kilos, and it features a yellowish, hard and smooth rind. It is a strong and, at the same time, balanced cheese, and the final taste can vary depending on factors like the grazing area, the time of year, climate or the recipe that each producer uses.

Did you know…

Each season around 7 million liters of milk that will be turned into a thousand tons of cheese are produced?

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