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Mackerel (‘Verdel’)

A diferencia de otros lugares, donde es mayormente conocido como Caballa, en Euskadi el Verdel se pesca al día.

It belongs to the family of blue fish and has a meat with higher fat content and a little firmer than that of the anchovy. As it is caught daily, it is always as fresh as it can get. Lengthwise, it can get to a maximum of 50 cm. It is fished with hook between the months of February and April. Until recently it was not too appreciated commercially, although it has become more relevant during the last decades in the Basque cuisine. It is usually either roasted or grilled.

Did you know…

durante el invierno, el verdel permanece en el fondo del mar sin alimentarse? Cuando sube a la superficie empieza a alimentarse, primero de zooplancton y luego de otros pescados como sardinas y pequeñas anchoas.

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