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This produce that is widespread all around the world also has its Basque version. Here we harvest two main types of pepper used in many recipes: those from Gernika and the ones from Ibarra.

Chilis or ‘piparra’ from Ibarra

This type of chili, known as ‘Ibarrako piparra’ in Basque, is a local pepper variety that is principally produced and canned in the region of Tolosaldea during summer. This is an elongated and pointed pepper that is characterized by its deep green color⎯sometimes even yellowish⎯thin skin, tender meat and mild flavor. They are eaten fresh, fried or pickled in white wine vinegar. It is an essential component of a typical pintxo: the ‘gilda’.

Pepper from Gernika

This local variety has its own Designation of Origin. It is characterized by its thin and elongated shape, usually measuring between 6 and 9 cm. It is smooth of texture, green of color and ends in a long conic point. These are eaten roasted or fried, both as a starter or a side dish.

Did you know…

Although these peppers are mostly produced in the towns after which they are named, Ibarra and Gernika, they are also cultivated all over the Basque Country?

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