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Mineral salt

In the Basque Country the production of mineral salt has historically been carried out in two villages: Añana and Leintz-Gatzaga (Salinas de Léniz in Spanish).

Añana’s Salty Valley, located at 30 kilometers from Vitoria-Gasteiz, has over 6,500 years of history and still follows the same way of production. The salt is produced naturally by means of traditional techniques and it is considered to be some of the best salt worldwide by many chefs and experts. Although the period of production varies every year, it usually begins in May and finishes in September.

The saltmines in Leinz (Guipúzcoa) have been exploited since, at least, the Middle Ages, and were the main reason for the foundation of the village in the year 1331. After a period of decline, there are recovery works going on at the moment, together with prospects for the creation of a Designation of Origin for this salt, which would accompany the already-existing one for the salt produced in Añana.

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Basque salt comes from a sea of old that existed more than 200 million years ago?

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