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Typical food

Basque gastronomy

The Basque paradise of the five senses.

The Basque Country is a paradise for the senses mainly thanks to its cuisine, renowned worldwide for its quality and exquisiteness. These are some of the most traditional Basque dishes.


When a single mouthful triggers an explosion of sensations in the palate. Thus, having a few pintxos allows us to taste a great variety of local produce. The bars in the taverns are full of all kinds of pintxos, from simpler to more sophisticated ones.
The list is endless: the ‘gilda’, crab-based recipes like ‘txangurro’, cod, ‘kokotxas’, mushrooms, mussels or ‘tigres’, etc. This kind of dishes never fail to impress.


Fish is traditionally accompanied with diverse sauces such as the ‘kelepario’ from Orio and Getaria, ‘pil-pil’, ‘salsa verde’, ‘vizcaína’, black sauce, etc. These are usually light sauces that help keep the essence of the fish without changing its texture nor taste.


The Basque Country equally stands out for its great meat. These are some of the most popular cuts and produces.

Vegetables and legume

Not only as part of other dishes, but these products equally stand out all by themselves.


Basque desserts are very diverse, ranging from those traditional home-elaborations to those elaborated in artisanal patisseries.